SVDL-0061 ‘Hypnoscissors!’ featuring Kathy


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He tried to put me under his spell but now he’s under my SCISSOR spell!

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You are getting very, very sleepy….and about to be very, VERY scissored!

In “HypnoScissors,” Kathy from the UK plays a girl who comes to a hypnotist to cure her smoking habit.

He quickly puts her to sleep and says he’s curing her of smoking, but while eyeballing her luscious legs in her little dress as he does, adds a little extra: When she awakens, she’ll have the urge to wrap her legs around him!

Naturally, he envisions a little sextracurricular activity.

And naturally, she envisions nothing but HypnoSCISSORS!

She wakes refreshed and immediately tears into him with some of the most bone-crushing scissors you’re likely to see.

Kathy’s body is pure muscle, head to toe, and the cute little Brit is an animal when she unleashes her repertoire of brutal scissor holds!

Her 21-inch thighs bulge widely around the hypnotist’s screaming head and her 14-inch calves are pure steel when pulled back into a throat-popping figure four.

Her bodyscissors are real and extraordinarily painful; at 5-foot-6, this 129-pound tower of power has the long legs to really wrap around a man’s middle and SQUEEZE!

Her reverse is frightening, as her butt muscles ripple and roll, as does her back muscles, all flowing sexily under some of the most magnificent tattoo art you’ll ever see on a girl.

And she tattoos her therapist to sleep in her scissor holds, making him swear to never take advantage of a woman again!

He is getting very, very sleeper in Kathy’s scissors and if you ever meet this Brit bombshell, you will, too!!

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