SVDL-0053 ‘Special Delivery Scissors!’ featuring Lia Labowe

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Sometimes people have a way of pissing me off when I’m delivering their mail, like this loser! So, that’s when I my legs around their heads.

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Remember your first day on a shitty job, nothing went right, maybe you got fired and just wanted to kick some ass?

If you had legs like Lia LaBowe, you could!

Well she does have the legs and does she EVER kick ass in “Special Delivery Scissors,” wearing a very sexy delivery girl outfit to deliver some very special scissors in as bone-crushing a display of leggy domination as you will EVER find!

She is brutal with grinding bodyscissors combined with neck-snapping chokes, throat-closing scissors, absolutely punishing reverse facescissors and much more, including a nasty bit of stuffing her sweaty sock down his throat while tying the other across his face and scissoring him in her calves at the same time!!

Lia is an absolute master of the pounding scissors; she bends her legs a little and BANGS them out straight, over and over and over, his head jerking like a rag doll, even using her calves to punish him with pulsating barrages of scissor-snapping power!

She was so vicious in this film, she left him with burst blood vessels in his face!

When it comes to brutal scissors, Lia delivers once again!

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