LVDL-0012 LIGHTS OUT! featuring Mistress Nadia

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The temptation is simply too great to overcome but once you stick your neck between my thighs it’s gonna be LIGHTS OUT!

Video Length: 8 mins. | Video Size : 1920×1080 | File Size:  619MB



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If you’re a female muscle lover and a ‘leg man’ then there’s no doubt you would have no chance to resist blonde powerhouse Mistress Nadia’s MASSIVE 27″ inch QUADS!

I mean…look at those SKULL CRUSHERS!

Smooth, tan, soft skin covering mounds of rock hard quad muscle underneath.

When she opens her thighs and flexes you’ll be under her spell and before you know it, your neck is firmly wedged between her thighs in Mistress Nadia’s CRUSH ZONE!

She looks down at you, smiles and grabs the back of your head to pull you in a little deeper making sure there is zero room for escape.

Once you are where she wants you…the fun begins…for her and for you, panic, fear and a total sense of hopelessness knowing she has several options at her disposal.

Maybe she’ll decide to play a game of ‘cat and mouse’ letting you think she’s about to release you only to send a jolt of her thunderous inner-thighs through your vulnerable neck!

Maybe she’ll slowly and methodically torture you with a slow, deliberate increase in pressure watching as your eye-balls protrude from their sockets while getting-off on the fear in your eyes!

Or maybe she’ll pour it on 100% from the start to see how many times she can turn your lights out as if trying to beat a personal best while live-streaming it for all of her fans to watch and cheer her on!

No matter what…you are no match for Mistress Nadia’s hypnotic muscular thighs once they have you trapped and she smiles down at you and says…”LIGHTS OUT!”.

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