SVRC-0062 The Muscle Girl Next Door! featuring Andrea Marie


SVRC-0062 The Muscle Girl Next Door! featuring Andrea Marie

This asshole doesn’t think I have the right look for his ‘Girl Next Door’ magazine so it’s time to show him some MUSCLE!

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : HD (1920×1080) | File Size: 2.2 GB


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When Andrea Marie shows up for a ‘girl next door’ calendar shoot wearing a sexy white thong, matching white top and high heels…she’s told by the photographer that she doesn’t exactly have the ‘girl next door’ type of look with 16″ biceps and 25″ quads!

So she tells the pencil neck photographer that after she’s done crushing him between her monstrously huge and powerful 25″ quads she’s going to take all of his camera equipment and start her own magazine, with her on the cover, and call it the ‘Muscle Girl Next Door’!

Andrea Marie tortures him in every possible scissor hold imaginable nearly knocking him out cold several times!

With every flex of her quad muscles comes screams of mercy from her helpless victim but of course…Andrea Marie doesn’t care as she’s determined to teach this moron a lesson he won’t soon forget!

In the end Andrea Marie makes good on her promise knocking him out cold and walking off with his precious $5,000.00 camera to start working on her ‘Muscle Girl Next Door’ magainze!

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