SVDL-0308 ‘The Scissor Tip!’ featuring Cheyenne

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He was late sending up my bags and expected more than a $1 tip so I gave him more…in scissors!

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Cheyenne is pissed. Her bag is late coming from the lobby, and when the doofus baggage guy brings it up and spots her in nothing but a towel with skimpy thong beneath and she gives him a buck tip, he says, “How about a little something else?”. So she drops the towel and gives him ‘The Scissor Tip’ tossing him to the couch and launching herself atop him to engulf his skull in the first of dozens of head-cracking scissors!

This leggy dancer is all muscle and attitude as she throttles his throat in neck-scissor and nearly snaps him in half with a savage full nelson/bodyscissors combo! Her meaty thighs erupt in muscle on his face as she takes him in some brutal reverse scissors, her bowling ball glutes tensed in rock-hard flexing! She absolutely destroys him and sends him on his whimpering way after giving the dollar back!!

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