SVDL-0305 ‘Is That All You Got?’ featuring Chicago

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He doubted my scissors and asked me…”Is That All You Got!?”.  Ok…now it’s time to really pour it on!

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He’s heard a lot about Chicago, a new girl on the scissor scene who can bring the pain. In ‘That All You Got?’ he finds out the hard way just how strong this sultry black beauty really is! Chicago’s big, shapely and VERY strong thighs just devour his moaning skull over and over and he quickly realizes he’s in over the head being crushed!

She’s insulted when he first asks, “That all you got?” so she pours it on big time, thrusting her hips off the floor and savagely snapping his head in her power-packed thighs, squeezing so brutally hard her legs shake from the effort! Her bodyscissor is unreal, a true pair of scissors that leaves him breathless and that genuinely left his sides and back sore for days! Chicago, thigh name is SCISSORS!!!

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