SVDL-0083 ‘The Thighropractor!’ featuring Paige

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He had a kink in his neck and came to see me to help him iron it out…with my THIGHS!

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Got a little kink in that neck?

Put a little kink in your life with Paige as a very leggy, very dominant THIGHropractor!

Mr. Taylor comes to see the good doctor for this pain in his neck he’s been having and she advises him that her ways are a little unorthodox – she uses her LEGS not her hands to work the kinks out.

He’s a little wary but signs the waiver and from then on it’s all legs, all scissors, ALL the time!

Paige is at her punishing best, turning her long, strong dancer’s legs loose on her patient, telling him she has to use her thighs to work her thighropractic magic and in the process nearly tearing his head off!

She almost rips his head from his shoulders with wrenching figure fours and devours his face and head in eye-popping reverse headscissors, all the while telling him that she’s doing this for his own good!

In the end, his neck pain is worse, so she says “I think a nap is what you need” and proceeds to knock him out cold in her potent thighs!

When Paige, the thighropractor, gets through with you, you WILL need a doctor!

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