SVDL-0317 ‘Breaking Up Is Painful To Do!’ featuring Alexes Jordan

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He dated me for my long, killer legs which is why he now wants to break up…he can’t take it anymore.  Time to give him one last squeeeeze!

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Ahhh….poor Drew…got himself into a ‘bad’ relationship with the wrong girl!  He’s always had a thing for women with long, athletic, powerful thighs and that is exactly what he found in Alexes Jordan.  But there seems to be one slight problem with this relationship and that is Alexes Jordan can’t seem to ever get enough….enough of crushing Drew into oblivion on a daily basis between her scissor hungry legs!

So…he foolishly decides to break it off with Alexes Jordan telling her that he can’t take the daily scissor beatings anymore and she tells him that she’s gonna’ give him one more so that he will always remember what he’s missing after she’s gone!  At one point…Alexes Jordan nearly knocks him out cold in a sexy standing headscissors while his head is hanging off the edge of the bed sarcastically asking him…”Are you alright?” realizing that she nearly kills him!  So men…if you’re looking for a new ‘main squeeze’…boy…do I have a girl for you!

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