SVDL-0170 ‘The Master’s Message!’ featuring Yana

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He thought walking away from our dojo was an option.  Well, when fools like him try to leave, the dojo master sends me to change their minds!

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 640×480 | File Size: 266MB

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When Al thinks leaving his former dojo is a voluntary option…he gets a visit by a member of the karate school’s “inner circle”.

Yana is sent to Al’s house by the dojo’s master to “persuade” him to come back to the school and to also teach him that there are painful consequences to simply walking away.

Yana politely asks Al to reconsider and come back but Al stubbornly refuses so Yana must make her case in a more convincing fashion and you all know what that means!

Yana demonstrates why she is one of the school’s prized pupils as she unleashes her leggy weapons and begins her brutal scissor onslaught.

She starts out with a powerful head scissors while sitting behind him, ankles tightly locked, wearing a pair of jean shorts.

Then she decides to get a bit more comfortable and strips down to a sexy yellow and black plaid patterned bikini to continue her scissored dominance.

It’s all here…eye popping front head scissors, sexy reverse head scissors, overwhelming figure fours and rib bending body scissors!

It’s not long before Al finally gives into Yana’s demands and in the end…he agrees to return to the school as she forces him to show proper respect by bowing down on his hands and knees before his new master…Yana!

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