SVDL-0429 ‘Who’s Choking Now!?’ featuring Tribecca

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He made fun of my football team calling them chokers…well, Who’s Choking Now!?

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When a smart-ass friend starts to make fun of Tribecca’s favorite football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, calling them ‘chokers’ for once again blowing the big game she decides to show him what REAL choking is all about! Watch as the nearly 6 foot tall blonde Amazon wraps her long, athletic former volleyball player thighs around the his neck and then asks him the question…”Who’s Choking Now!?”.

Of course…the problem is he can’t seem to reply to her rhetorical question or say anything else for that matter compliments of Tribecca’s endless leggy assault of non-stop cranium crushing head scissors, neck busting figure-4’s and body scissors that nearly break his ribs and cut him in half! In the end, after nearly squeezing the guy to death, she forces him to admit who the best team is and agree to taking her out for some wings and beer to celebrate his reluctant admission!

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