SVDL-0014 ‘Hostile Takeover!’ featuring Dakota

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So he refuses to sell his company to mine the easy way.  Ok, we’ll take the rough way between my THIGHS!

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Dakota is looking lean, leggy, lovely and lethal in “Hostile Takeover,” our scissoring testimony to aggressive businesswomen!

She plays an enforcer sent to coerce Al to sell his small company to hers – or else!

He is aghast at her brazen ways and attempts to throw her out of his room, and then she’s all over him like a tall dog, leaping atop him still in her very sexy dark business suit to punish him in her powerful legs.

Though she stands only five-foot-five, Dakota weighs a solid 130 pounds, her lanky body making her sexy legs look even longer.

She is dominant from the word go, crushing Al in all kinds of rib-bending and head-pounding scissors, mixing in a few grapevines and sexy smothers with her 36DD’s, finally getting him to sign the papers, after she’s slipped back into her business suit and heels to put the finishing scissor touches on him!

The beautiful Dakota dominates soooooo deliciously!

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