SVDL-0310 ‘Revenge of the Scissor Nerd!’ featuring Anna Konda

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He didn’t like my outfit saying it was too nerdy.  Ok…time for this nerd to do some crushing!

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Anna Konda (her nickname given for her bone-crushing legs) shows up at a model audition for sexy schoolgirls dressed a little too nerdy for the photog’s liking which infuriates the leggy lass into unleashing a head-pounding scissor attack you gotta see to believe! Clad in skirt, kneesocks, patent leather shoes, glasses and with her hair in pigtails, she goes absolutely crazy on him, devouring his head in her meaty man-eating thighs!

She eventually decides to get a bit more comfortable by letting her hair down and stripping down to a sexy black pair of panties and matching bra while continuing her leggy torture. Anna Konda squeezes so hard and so tightly in headscissors, her knees actually touch, giving you solid indication of just how brutal her legs really are! If it looks savage, it is because Anna Konda truly, TRULY loves to scissor and does it ever show in Revenge of the Scissor Nerd!?

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