SVDL-0185 ‘Mopping The Floor With Him!’ featuring Cassie

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This stupid vacuum repair man brought back the wrong vacuum, so now I’m going have to vacuum the floor with him!

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 640×480 | File Size: 268MB

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Cassie has a party to pull together and needs her vacuum back, but when the repairman comes by, it’s the wrong one.

He’s not about to go get the right one, so Cassie literally mops the floor with him – all the while CRUSHING him blue in her long, muscular legs!

This is one lean, mean all-scissoring machine, as she puts on a blinding display of scissor power so savage, it’ll make you wince to watch!

She is unbelievable, not just putting on straight, eye-bulging neck or headscissors or nearly busting his spine in bodyscissors, no, Cassie turns up the volume on her brutal leggy onslaught, pumping her thighs up and down and side to side, snapping him with such scissoring ferocity it truly looks as she’ll pop his bobbing head off his shoulders!

And several times she slams his head and face to the floor and MOPS IT WITH IT, scrubbing it all over the cold, dirty tiles!

And to make matters MORE dominant, she brutally SLAPS his head while crushing him until his eyes water and bulge and his skull erupts with throbbing veins!!

She twists, bends and snaps him in such brutal scissor holds you really do think the poor bastard will never see the light of another day!

In “Mopping the Floor With Him,” Cassie delivers one of the most brutal scissor beatings on tape! Don’t miss it!

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