SVDL-0184 ‘My Independent Scissor Film!’ featuring Lana

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He wanted me to finish the script but I wanted to take a nap.  Well, time to finish the script by helping him take a nap!

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Independent film actress Lana falls asleep while reading a script of film she’s making when the belligerent director comes in and barks at her to get going, the film has gotta be made ASAP!

She mouths off, he tosses the script aside and says “I’m gonna make my own independent film now, an independent SCISSOR FILM!” and tears into him like the tiny power-packed dynamo she is!

She whips him into a headscissors on the couch and the leggy mayhem is underway with a vengeance, as Lana’s legs rule the day, thighs strangling his throat and cracking his head, her little rugged calves choking him in gagging figure fours!

For a small gal, she really gets into bodyscissoring as well, using those lithe, little gams to cut into his beefy body, making him howl in pain!

Lana’s ‘Independent Scissors’ are worthy of an Oscar!

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