SVDL-1417 ‘Nicole’s SAVAGE Scissors!’ featuring Nicole

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At 5’7″, former gymnast and current gym rat, Nicole, has plenty of POWER in her SAVAGE scissors to make any man cry!

Video Length : 11 mins. | Video Size : 1920×1080 | File Size: 882 MB

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Video Description

GORGEOUS former competitive gymnast from Daytona, Fl, Nicole, returns and now it’s time to WRECK Drew’s neck, and a few ribs, with her SAVAGE SCISSORS!

Nicole is your classic ‘girl next door’ cutie but DO NOT let that fool you as she will not hesitative to absolutely CRUSH you while doing so with a beautiful smile on her face!

She’s also much taller than your average gymnast at 5’7″ which means…combine the typical above average pound-for-pound power of a gymnast with long legs for leverage and you get, well…have your tap-hand ready!

All of her scissors were absolutely devastating but even more so once she took me to the floor (which must have been her specialty as a gymnast) where she was on solid ground to really CRANK IT UP and boy did she!


In the end, Nicole decides to get more comfortable on the bed but for me…there was no getting comfortable or having any chance of escaping more TORTUROUS scissors from her strong, athletic thighs!

I told her that I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing some red dots on my face (a sign of extreme pressure!) and sure enough…I did, along with puffy eyes!

So…if you like young, powerful and athletic ScissorVixens…then you do NOT want to miss ‘Nicole’s SAVAGE Scissors!’.

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