SVDL-0094 ‘Kyla’s Crushing Comeback!’ featuring Kyla

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Drew didn’t think I still had what it takes to make a grown man cry between my thighs.  Time to show him just how WRONG he is!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 480×360| File Size: 170MB

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She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack – and better than ever!

Kyla returns to the ScissorVixens’ family in “Kyla’s Crushing Comeback,” playing herself in this playful little romp as she knocks on ScissorVixens’ office door looking for work.

Drew is happy to see her but skeptical as to her scissoring abilities given her time away from her trade. She’s insistent she’s still got the goods – and proves herself right as she whips Drew into a non-stop barrage of scissoring brutality as only Kyla can do!

Her little legs have gotten bigger, with noticeable muscle in those luscious thighs and killer calves, and she dominates him with a ceaseless display of head-cracking, rib-bending and throat-popping prowess!

Tossing aside her little skirt, she’s all over him like ugly on an ape in tiny thong and tinier top, snapping her crushing calf to his throat in the most lethal of figure fours and just devouring his moaning face deep in her hamstrings and glutes for a devastating reverse facescissors!

She demands that she be allowed to make more ScissorVixen videos and after 30 minutes of insane leggy evidence, she makes her case well and Drew relents! Kyla’s crushing comeback is complete!

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