SVDL-0095 ‘Eating His Words!’ featuring Lia Labowe

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He came to rehearse some lines but I decided to rehearse my THIGHS around his neck!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 170MB

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Sexy Lia Labowe returns in “Eating His Words” where she proves that auditioning for a part in one of her videos can be a very painful experience.

After a man, by the name of Moe, shows up at Lia’s studio thinking that he is there to interview for a cameraman position…Lia asks him to help her rehearse some of the lines from a script for one of her upcoming videos.

Moe is more than happy to help lovely Lia out and starts to read along but before the poor guy is able to get into character…Lia decides to get into character herself, grabbing Moe by the hair and tossing him on the mat.

She tells him that she’s the girl in the script and that she’s had enough of rehearsing the lines…it’s time to actually make the video and since she has cameras mounted all over the room….he’s the lucky guy she’s gonna’ work over.

Lia inflicts a lot of pain with murderous reverse head scissors, strangling neck scissors and rib cracking body scissors.

After she feels that there is enough sexy scissor footage captured for her new video…she drags Moe over to the “casting” couch, sits behind him and straps on another neck scissors while making the poor guy literally eat the script he was reading earlier.

She finally tells him it’s time to go nighty-night and knocks Moe out with his head hanging off of the edge of the couch in a brutal reverse head scissors.

Next time you decide to answer an ad in the paper for a position from Lia Labowe…you better be prepared to eat your own words as well!

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