SVDL-0005 ‘Scissored Test Dummy!’ featuring Paige

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He didn’t want me to try my new self-dense moves out on him. Oh well…time to SCISSOR the dummy!

Video Length : 43 mins. | Video Size : 480×360| File Size: 244MB

Video Description

Paige is a new girl on our scissoring scene, a rare find of beauty, brains and absolute raw leggy power!

In this full video download, she plays a gal who comes home from her self-defense class eager to try out what she’s learned – and then some – on her sap of a husband.

She turns him inside out with bone-crushing headscissors and breath-taking bodyscissors, using her long dancer’s legs.

Her legs are sinewy strong, nicely muscled and just downright dangerous, as she wraps them around Kan’s head, neck and body over and over to scissor him into submission, all the way delighting in verbally dominating him as well.

She even invents a few moves we’ve never seen before, such as the ankle scissors she combines with doing pushups, and a flip-over headstand scissors while her victim is seated in a chair! This girl is a natural at scissors and we know you’re gonna love what she does!

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