SVDL-0220 ‘Pillow Fight Pressure!’ featuring Katie

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Looks like I gotta teach this stalker a lesson!  You like my muscles…time to FEEL my muscles!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 318MB

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In “Pillow Fight Pressure” Katie is trying to relax on the couch when her whiny, nagging boyfriend walks into their living room and starts bitching at her for laying around and doing nothing.  She quickly gets annoyed and tells him to go back to work.  He responds by grabbing one of the pillows from underneath her head and hits her with it, igniting a pillow fight.  Katie eventually snags his flailing pillow out of his hands by trapping it between her thighs and he foolishly attempts to pull it out of the leggy death grip she has on it.

Then, with lighting quickness, Katie releases the pillow and decides to replace it with his head for the first of many torturous, eye-popping head scissors!  Katie, at 5’9″ and 145 powerhouse pounds, uses her amazingly strong thighs to punish her boyfriend for what to him must seem like an eternity.  She pulls his head into reverse headscissors, front headscissors, side neck scissors and works his ribs over, nearly breaking them as if they were toothpicks, with anaconda-like bodyscissors!  A word of advice to all of you boyfriends and husbands out there…if you find your girl laying around and doing nothing…best you keep on walking and keep your mouth shut or your girl just might shut if for you with a mouth full of her thighs!

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