SDVL-1414 ‘Lay Your Head Between My Thighs!’ featuring Nicole

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So you want this pillow to lay your head on?  Here, lay your head on my THIGHS instead!

Video Length : 14 mins. | Video Size : 1920×1080 | File Size: 1.0 GB

Screen Captures From Actual Video Included In Zip File: 56

Video Description

We heard a lot of good things about our latest addition to the ScissorVixens lineup and this 5’7″ tall former gymnast named Nicole definitely delivers!

We followed her Twitter and when we saw her beautiful smile while effortlessly scissoring the daylights out of some guy on the bed…we knew she was more than ready to be our next ScissorVixen!

She’s got a very bubbly and playful personality that definitely shows but as a former athlete…she’s also very competitive!

So when we told her to hold nothing back and really crank it…she took that as a challenge much to the dismay of our victim who is no stranger to getting CRUSHED, and this video is no exception!

Nicole likes to sleep with a pillow between her long, powerful legs but when her boyfriend tries to take it from her…she double-downs on her scissor grip and tells him the only way he’s gonna get the pillow is if he can pull it out from her thighs.

Yeah…good luck with that!

After a few seconds of futile attempts, all the while Nicole just giggles and laughs at him for even trying, she loosens her grip around the pillow and replaces it with his head!

Watch as Nicole toys with him before really pouring on the pressure in a front head scissors that has him whimpering in pain!

Clearly she has found a new replacement for a pillow between her thighs and his neck is going to be that replacement…maybe for good!

On and on it goes as he begs her to stop but she tells him she’ll stop when she’s ready to stop which for him, is not nearly soon enough!

After relentlessly SQUEEEZING him like a boa constrictor and leaving him with no energy to fight back, Nicole is finally ready to take a nap herself…with him still tightly wedged between her CRUSHERS!

It’s obviously gonna be a very looooong night for him!

So check out GORGEOUS Nicole in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘Lay Your Head Between My Thighs!’ while imagining being her ‘pillow’ for the night!

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