SVDL-0134 ‘My New Look Scissors!’ featuring Scarlet

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He didn’t like my boob job so lets see if he likes my SCISSOR job instead!

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In “My New Look Scissors,” Scarlet is anxious to show her boyfriend her new look – a boob job.

Disappointed, he tells her he thought she was just going to change her hair color to blonde, not her boobs to big! Angry, Scarlet shows him not just her new look, but her new look SCISSORS!

Pissed off doesn’t describe her attitude as she tears him apart in her bruising legs, her fabled thighs totally devouring his whiny little head in as brutal a crushing scissor onslaught as you’ll see anywhere!

He tries desperately to convince her that he didn’t mean to insult her by maligning her choice of self improvement, but the damage is done, and his is ongoing!

Scarlet never looked sexier, her eyes haunting, her thighs daunting, as she explodes in ravaging power all over his head, neck and body with bone-bending savagery!

If Scarlet ever asks you if you notice anything different about her, you BETTER come up with the right answer!

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