SVDL-0436 ‘Sergeant Scissors!’ featuring Tawny

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I’m known as ‘Sergeant Scissors’ around here because I love breaking in disobedient new recruits between my sexy, powerful thighs!

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Gorgeous dark-haired Tawny, who in real life holds a black belt in a form of karate known as Kempo, makes her ScissorVixen debut portraying a sexy army drill sergeant who needs to break in one of her new recruits for disobeying her orders. After sending the disobedient private to her office she arrives wearing an incredibly sexy short camouflage skirt with matching top, black thong underneath and high heels and informs him that she’s known as ‘Sergeant Scissors’ to all the other lowlife recruits for the method by which she dishes out the discipline!

And dish out the discipline she does with her insanely sexy, smooth and ooohhhhh so powerful thighs by administering skull-crushing scissor holds, rib-busting body scissors and neck-wrenching figure-4’s! She repeatedly forces him to say her name, ‘Sergeant Scissors’, over and over again despite his struggle to breath or even speak and she takes great joy in belittling him by calling him ‘Private Pussy’ and ‘Private Pathetic’ amongst the many other trash talking insults designed to break him down and obey her every order! So…if you think you’ve got what it takes to join the army you better make sure you can handle the pressure of ‘Sergeant Scissors’!

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