SVDL-1401 ‘Natalia Vouise’s Vicious Squeeze! featuring Natalia Vouise

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Silly boys think they can take my VICIOUS SQUEEZE but they’re about to find out that they can’t!

Full HD Video Length : 12 mins. | Video Size : 1920×1080 | File Size: 926 MB

3D HD Video Length : 12 mins. | Video Size : 5760×2880 | File Size: 1.7 GB

Screen Captures Included In Zip File: 57

Video Description

he GORGEOUS, blonde tattooed ScissorVixen, Natalia Vouise, is back and she’s ready to give both Drew and her previous victim more of her VICIOUS SQUEEZE!

Natalia packs a lot of POWER in her 5’2″ 130 pound body that she’s developed from years in the gym telling us she NEVER skips leg day.

And it shows and damn did we feel it!

To say she enjoys torturing men in a truly sadistic way would be an understatement!

So, Natalia lets her thighs do the talking while we do the usual…scream, tap and beg for mercy!

No matter what scissor hold and no matter how determined we were to take her SQUEEEEZE as long as we could…it was always a matter of seconds before we had to surrender to her PYTHONS over and over again!

In the end, her PYTHONS proved way too much for her victim in her DEADLY reverse headscissor as he could barely hang on for 2 seconds before seeing stars and tapping his surrender!

Natalia Vouise is now offering sessions and we HIGHLY recommend her for a session you won’t soon forget…assuming you don’t mind getting CRUSHED in ‘Natalia Vouise’s Vicious Squeeze!’.

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