SVDL-0133 ‘The Scissor’s The Thing!’ featuring Natalia

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I needed someone to practice my scissors and his neck looked like a good prop to try them on!

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Natalia is at work in her college prop department when a campus worker comes in requesting a box atop a high shelf for a production upstairs.

With his bum finger, he can’t reach up that high, so she volunteers to sit astride his shoulders and fetch it for him, and looking fetching in her miniskirt, also tells him she’s in a play herself – about a scissoring wrestling girl, and would he mind her practicing on him!

He’s not sure what to say so she says it for him – with her meaty, muscular THIGHS – closing them around him as she rides his shoulders in the first of many and mean scissor holds!

She works him over in her solid legs, choking him in throttling neckscissors and just about exploding his vein-filled skull in her cranium-cracking headscissors!

Natalia was a real-life college gymnast and cheerleader and has the legs to prove it and prove her leg strength she does, over and over and over again!

To paraphrase the Bard himself, “The Scissor’s the Thing,” and Natalia is living proof of just how brutally true that is!

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