SVDL-1306 The Brazilian CRUSHER! featuring Alessandra


SVDL-1306 The Brazilian CRUSHER! featuring Alessandra

Alessandra’s THIGHS are beyond belief!  Never have we seen CRUSHERS this big and literally….this MIND BLOWING!

Video Length : 20 mins. | Video Size : HD (1920×1080) | File Size: 1.5 GB

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We’re not sure where to start when describing new ScissorVixen, Alessandra other than…WOW!, WOW!! and WOW!!!

Over the past 15 plus years (as of this post) ScissorVixens has featured more scissoring talent than any other scissor site on the internet but we can easily claim that Alessandra’s THIGHS are perhaps the most impressive we’ve seen to date!

And with the incredible women we have on ScissorVixens…that is certainly saying a THIGH-FULL!

We’ve been following Alessandria’s Instagram (currently over 600k followers) for a few years now and have been absolutely blown away by this Brazilian muscle beauty’s AMAZING THIGHS, overall physique and to top it off…gorgeous facial beauty!


Off camera Alessandra is as sweet as can be and although she speaks very little English, she is quick to interpret what you are telling her along with the help of translation apps.

But when it comes to SCISSORS…no translation necessary!

Alessandra had a FIRM GRIP on how to wrap her enormous thighs around my neck and apply truly EYE-POPPING PRESSURE with little to no effort on her part!

And when it comes to the combination of SEXY but SAVAGE SCISSORS…very few can match Alessandra!

Many times I was forced to feel the huge thighs that were at the same time…DESTROYING ME!

What a combination that is!

Your head feels like it’s going to explode between two huge steel rolling pins while Alessandra grabs your wrists and forces you to slowly caress and massage that which is putting you through so much PAIN!

It’s an experience you don’t soon forget!


Can you say decapitating FIGURE-4’s!?

With thighs and calves this MASSIVE…once Alessandra locks in that figure-4…it’s hard to imagine any hope to escape is possible!

Her reverse headscissors were every bit as devastating as it felt as though my left back molar was about to pop out of my jaw from the PRESSURE!

Oh, and for those pulsating glute fans!  Boy does Alessandra DELIVER!

Her glutes are easily the BIGGEST, most POWERFUL and BEST we’ve ever seen and yes…she knows it and she uses those glutes to her advantage adding even more pressure to her scissors from just about any position!

As we mentioned above, Alessandra speaks little English but when it comes to the language of SCISSORS, her vocabulary is as diverse and DEVASTATING as any!

You do not want to miss this one-of-a-kind SKULL-CRUSHING talent, Alessandra, in her ScissorVixens video debut titled ‘The Brazilian CRUSHER!’.

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