SVDL-1305 I Like Your Neck Better! featuring Harley T


SVDL-1305 I Like Your Neck Better! featuring Harley T

I like to wrap my strong thighs around things and the pillows weren’t cutting it, so I decided his neck would be a better fit!

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Las Vegas aerialist Harley T returns and now it’s my turn to feel the POWER of her gorgeous thighs!

I knew Harley T had one hell of a SQUEEEEEZE after watching our first victim’s face turn multiple shades of red and purple in her debut ScissorVixen video but seriously…pound for pound…Harley’s thighs are some of the STRONGEST I’ve ever felt!

Right from the start, I knew I was screwed and was hoping to ride out the first wave of scissors but NOT A CHANCE!

Not only is her SQUEEEEZE deadly powerful, but she simply does not get tired!

I mean…it’s 100% PRESSURE, nearly 100% of the time and it is absolute TORTURE until you can take no more and have to tapout which I did several times!

And her bodyscissors was another shocker squeezing every ounce of oxygen from my body and unable to even take in a small amount of air before she decided to let me breath again!

In this video, Harley T needs to put the squeeze on something and since there are plenty of pillows on her hotel room bed…she gives that a try.

She starts out with one, then two, then three pillows but they aren’t hitting the scissor spot so she decides to call the front desk to have room service come up claiming she doesn’t have enough pillows.

But it’s nothing more than a ploy to send someone up with a neck to squeeze instead of the pillows.

She tells the room service guy she needs more pillows but when he refuses to give her more, she tells him he looks like he’s having a rough day and to have a seat in front of her and she’ll give him a nice massage.

He falls for her trap and before he knows it…it’s too late!

Harley T now has something much firmer to SQUEEEEEZE between her athletic thighs and the poor room service man is in for a long, night of scissor torture!

When BEAUTY and POWER collide, you get Harley T’s THIGHS in ‘I Like Your Neck Better!’.

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