SVRC-0061 SCISSOR Sneakers! featuring Devina


SVRC-0061 SCISSOR Sneakers! featuring Devina

I saw his wrestling sneakers and decided I wanted them but he didn’t want to give them up so I wrestled him for them and won!

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In ‘SCISSOR Sneakers!’, LEGGY and ATHLETIC Devina sees Drew’s wrestling sneakers and roars, “I want ’em!”.

He’s not giving and challenges her to a wrestling match on the mats.

Big mistake!

Devina’s powerful thighs and rocky calves easily overpower Drew in a dizzying display of non-stop, pure scissor power!

Her thighs engulf him in facescissors, headscissors, and reverses, and her figure fours nearly pop his whiny head off his shoulders, all the while as she bellows, “I want those sneakers!”.

She bends and twists him in full nelson/bodyscissor combos and in the end knocks him out in a savage side reverse head scissors!

When he awakes, she’s wearing his sneakers and has him in a headscissor, saying, “They look much better on me, don’t they!?” as she buries him in another CRUSHER of a scissors!

So check out GORGEOUS fitness babe, Devina, in ‘SCISSOR Sneakers!’.

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