SVDL-1307 Mistress Angel Severin's LEG TORTURE! featuring Mistress Angel Severin


SVDL-1307 Mistress Angel Severin’s LEG TORTURE! featuring Mistress Angel Severin

At 5’11” tall barefoot, I’M ALL LEGS and these LEGS are made to TORTURE weak, little men like you!

Video Length : 21 mins. | Video Size : HD (1920×1080) | File Size: 1.5 GB


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Mistress Angel Severin was actually referred to us by another one of our ScissorVixens and when we saw her photos showing off her incredibly long legs…of course we knew she’d be a perfect fit in our ever-growing lineup of MAN CRUSHERS!

It took us several months to finally make it happen as our paths kept diverging until finally they came together in Florida.

Mistress Angel Severin has a very distinct look standing at 5’11” tall with an alluring gothic Betty Page style.

And did we mention LEGS FOREVER?

Of course we did but it’s worth mentioning again!

But what we didn’t expect was how a woman so tall could be so flexible as she demonstrated by pulling her legs straight up over her head while smirking back at us as if to say…”Yeah…these legs can pretty much pull you in and wrap you up from any position!”.

Mistress Angle Severin also told us that her favorite fetish is ‘breath play’ whether she’s covering your nose and mouth with her strong hands, putting you to sleep in a rear naked choke or strangling you between her thighs in eye-popping neck scissors!

And she also loves to laugh and giggle while watching her victim try to survive her SQUEEEEZE!

So as you watch her completely CONTROL, CRUSH and TORTURE her helpless slave-boy in this video with excruciating scissor holds, figure-4’s and more…imagine yourself being in his place.

Do you think you could survive!?

In the end Mistress Angel Severin challenges you to try by contacting her (session email: and then turns her attention to her helplessly trapped victim letting him know he’s going to be wrapped up between her thighs all night long!

So check out Mistress Angle Severin in her ScissorVixen debut video titled ‘Mistress Angel Severin’s LEG TORTURE!’

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