SVDL-0205 ‘Room With A Scissor View!’ featuring Kassidy

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So my older co-worker thinks he deserved the room with a better view.  Ok, get a few of my ass and thighs around your neck!

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 325MB

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Kassidy, black, beautiful and brawny, is about to hit the pool when her traveling partner Kan comes knocking on her door, bitching that she got the better room, he should because he has seniority and she’s only been at the company they work at for a few months and that she has a view!

“You want a view?

How about THIS!” she declares, flying into a rage and absolutely destroying him in a never-ending succession of some of the most savage scissors you’ll ever see on film!

Kassidy’s thighs are gi-normous, power packed and able to crush men into screaming submission with the slightest of ease and the strongest of squeeze!

Her reverse figure four is mind-blowing and positively claustrophobic as she buries his face in her magnificent black butt while her thighs and calf CRUSH his skull!

Kassidy is also fond of pounding her own thighs with her fists AS she scissors, sending those phenomenally powerful thighs spasming into her victim’s skull like a fleshy pile-driver.

Her “Thunderclap Scissors” as she calls them KILL!

She tortures him over and over and sends him on his way after he promises to recommend her for a promotion – that will make her HIS BOSS!!

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