SVDL-0206 ‘Bad Timing Scissors!’ featuring Porschia

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What do you do about a cheating boyfriend?  You take it out on the first man you see.  Sorry sir, but you gotta pay the price for my cheating boyfriend!

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Porschia is hopping mad, ranting and raving on the phone to her friend about her asshole boyfriend cheating on her and declaring, “I swear, the next man I see, I’m gonna KICK his fucking ass!”


A man knocks on the door seeking to use her phone because his car died and he can’t get cell reception, so she hauls him in and makes good on her threat!

Her massive, powerful thighs devour his face and neck, squeezing him until his face is a mask of agony and veins about to explode!

Her calves crush his throat in savage figure fours until he can’t speak and her reverse facescissors totally absorb his skull in her rugged ass and punishing thighs!

He begs for mercy and she shows him NONE, cranking up the pressure until he’s nearly crying!

Be careful of the door upon which you knock because you could be a victim of “Bad Timing Scissors!”

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