SVDL-0411 ‘The Squeeze Squad!’ featuring Kobe Lee

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This asshole coach doesn’t think I belong on the team because I dress too trashy!  Ok, maybe my thighs will convince him to put my on ‘The Squeeze Squad!’ instead.

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 355 MB

Pictures Included In Zip File: 118

Video Description

Kobe is drop-dead gorgeous and insanely sexy in her tiny tank top, incredibly short and tight booty shorts and little sneaks and wonders why coach won’t put her on the team! “Because you dress like a slut,” he barks. “Now get out!” Not so fast, coach, and Kobe clamps her man-eating thighs around his ears for an all-out scissor blast all over the old fart’s head, trapping him high and tight and crushing his skull blue, his eyes bugging out and his head exploding in a grid of gruesome veins!

This gal means serious scissor business, putting the squeeze on big time, admonishing him to put her on the squad, growling “Don’t you think my big, strong legs belong on the team?” and showing him how strong they are in thigh thrashing that nearly chops his head off! Speaking of chops, she occasionally blasts him in scissor chops, lifting one leg high up and slamming it down into his screaming head! This little leggy lady oughta be on ‘The Squeeze Squad’, not coach’s team but in the end, thanks to Kobe’s relentless crushing assault, she makes the team!

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