SVDL-0266 ‘Along Came A Scissor!’ featuring Ellie

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He thought he was funny putting a fake spider in front of my nose while I was sleeping…time for him to take a nap between my THIGHS!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 315 MB

Video Description

In “Along Came a Scissor…” Drew is being a wise ass when he sneaks up on a sleeping Ellie and plops down a fake rubber spider under her nose, knowing her fear of the eight-legged wonders. Ellie wakes up, screams and attacks Drew – with her two-legged SCISSORS! She goes insane on the guy, stuffing him in her muscular, lithe legs for a crushing headscissors that turn his love of pranks into a fear of her legs!

Ellie’s got lean, powerful thighs and very shapely, muscular calves and she uses every inch of her sexy legs to torture Drew, with figure-fours so tight he’s reduced to squeaking, not speaking, and a jolting reverse headscissors that nearly snaps his neck! Change the name of this familiar fairy-tale tune to “Along came a scissor, and took little Drew prisoner and totally SQUEEZED him away!”

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