SVDL-0370 ‘Webmaster Whipping!’ featuring Lola Lynn

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This useless webmaster dropped the ball one too many times!  I think it’s time for a good ‘ol fashion ‘Webmaster Whipping’ between my powerful thighs!

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Drew is a mercenary webmaster, doing the work for whoever pays more, despite promises to Lola Lynn that he’d do her website in a timely manner. He blows her off when she comes calling, so her legs engage in a ‘Webmaster Whipping’ you gotta see to believe!

Off comes her top and little denim skirt and practically naked, she uses her lithe, limber body as a head-cracking weapon, devouring him in all manner of straight headscissors, neck-wrenching figure fours, rib-snapping bodyscissors and savage reverse head scissors, burying his face in her muscular little thighs and unbelievably gorgeous ass! All that whipping is taking its sexual toll on this little minx as occasionally she tugs one of her bodacious boobies into her mouth for a little licking! This gal’s got it all, and turns it ALL lose on this loser, in the end forcing him ‘on the spot’ to finish her website as she lays the leg to him one more time!

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