SVDL-0168 ‘Measuring Up Her Scissors!’ featuring Kristiana

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He totally over-estimated the size of my waist so now it’s time to SHRINK his fat head down a few sizes using my THIGHS!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 640×480 | File Size:257MB

Video Description

Kristiana saunters into the room in a tiny bikini, measuring her slender, sexy middle with a tape measure as her boyfriend says aloud, “Hmmm, I think you might be a 34 or 35,” which totally pisses off the muscular little hottie with the 23-inch waist!

Making him measure her sexy thighs as a ruse to draw him close, she pops him into a standing headscissors with her rugged legs and the scissoring fun begins!

Kristiana is not to be pissed off and she shows her boyfriend why, laying him to waste with a fearful barrage of mind-blowing, rib-cracking and head-thumping scissors!

Laying across the top of the couch, she captures his throat in a brutal neckscissors, forcing him to comically croak his surrender, and then tosses him to the floor to put on a savage display of power with a series of brutal reverse facescissors!

Few women look as deliciously sexy as Kristiana as she works her legs all over her victim, her pretty face a mask of anger, simmering sensuality and determination, reducing him to a babbling, submissive, beaten man!

Riding his shoulders out the door, she forces him to take her out for the evening, showing him that her scissors indeed do measure up!

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