SVDL-1002 ‘Planet SCISSORS!’ featuring Ashley Chambers

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At Planet Fabulous, they don’t like meatheads like me so it’s time to show this ‘trainer’ my idea of fitness here at Planet SCISSORS!

Video Length : 25 mins. | Video Size : 1280×720 | File Size: 526 MB

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Video Description

It’s been a few years since we last shot with Ashlee Chambers (aka Ashlee Crush) and it’s obvious she’s been spending quite a bit of that time in the gym!

But one thing we can be certain about is that with Ashlee Chamber’s BIG, INTIMIDATING MUSCLES that gym isn’t Planet Fabulous!

Because at Planet Fabulous they have the ‘Non-Fitness Zone’ where making every member feel fabulous instead of fit is their number one priority.

But see what happens when Ashlee Chambers decides to have a little fun at her local Planet Fabulous.  She enters and struts around showing off her intimidating muscles in front of their frightened members until one of the them decides to blow the ‘lunk whistle’ and send a fabulous gym trainer to confront her.

“Excuse me…but here at Planet Fabulous we really don’t like our members looking too fit because it makes our other members feel inferior and well…less fabulous about themselves.  Especially when wearing attire as revealing as what you have on now!”.

And that’s when Ashlee strips down to her skimpy red thong really showing off her amazingly muscular physique and says…”Oh…you mean you don’t allow your members to wear something like this at Planet Fabulous!?  Well…after I’m done with you today you’ll have to rename this place Planet SCISSORS instead!”.

And that’s when Mr. Planet Fabulous gets a taste of what real rock-hard muscles not only look like but feel like when pressed up against his soon-to-be fabulously flat head!

Ashlee’s thighs are all muscle so watch as she CRUSHES the helpless fool in one BRUTAL scissor hold after the other including jaw-shattering scissor chops that leave him barely able to speak!

And her figure-4’s are so tight they nearly pop his head off every time she decides to flex her inner-thighs while she’s got them laced around his scrawny neck!

Then Ashlee says to the fabulous trainer…”You know…this isn’t going to officially be Planet SCISSORS until I knock you out!” and does just that in a killer side throat scissors!

So welcome to Ashlee Chamber’s Planet SCISSORS and her ‘Neck-Breaking Zone’ where everyone is SCISSORED into fabulous shape!

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