SVDL-0032 ‘Perfect Picture Scissors!’ featuring Bethany

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He doesn’t think I have what it takes to be a model.  Lets see if he has what it takes to survive my scissors!

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Bethany Joy is a joy, all right, a sweet little gal of 5-2 and a seemingly unimposing 118 pounds.

But just don’t piss her off! In “Picture Perfect Scissors,” she is pissed at a lecherous old fart photographer who dared tell her she hasn’t got what it takes to model for him.

She proves otherwise and shows she’s got more than a leg to stand on, she’s got two to kick his ass with!

The little vixen never looked finer in snug, butt-clinging short shorts, her potent thighs exploding around his aching head in punishing scissor after scissor.

Picture this: Bethany’s scissors.

You don’t have to picture it, we have it all here on film. Enjoy the view!

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