SVDL-0031 ‘SHMO!’ featuring Robin

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He didn’t like the way I handled his health care so lets see if he likes my new approach!

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Hate your HMO? Who doesn’t.

Love Robin Johnson’s incredible legs? Who doesn’t?

Put those two together and whaddya got?

The perfect health-care crushing vehicle: SHMO, or the Scissored Health Maintenance Organization!

Robin plays Dr. Gamba (Italian for ‘leg’) whom Kandor is trying to leave because he doesn’t care for her non-aggressive medical ways, preferring a take-charge doctor.

Well Robin takes charge, all OVER his head and ribs, crushing him repeatedly in her brutal, bruising legs, making his face a veiny road map of near-bursting blood vessels, especially in her patented reverse facescissors, one of the most agonizing we have EVER felt!

Don’t cross this doctor of scissorology or she’ll cross her legendary legs on your skull and crush you blue and blind!

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