SVDL-0228 ‘Legz!’ featuring Zhenya

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He didn’t think my legs were good enough for his Legz sports bar.  Time to show him what my LEGZ can do!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 309 MB

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Kan runs “Legz,” a hot sports bar featuring waitresses with hot legs. He hired Zhenya, a good-looking but slender Russian gal, but realized his mistake when compared to the other, meatier gals in his employ. He tries to fire her – BIG mistake! She says “You wanna see what these legs can do?” and then shows him, whipping him into a bone-crushing front facescissors, her long, lean thighs bending like muscular ribbons around his face!

She takes him in all manner of scissors, on the couch and on the floor, including a overwhelming series of reverse figure fours that just about pop his eyes out of his head! For a slim gal, Zhenya’s got wickedly muscled calves and at one point shuts him up by folding one meaty lower leg around his mouth to keep him quiet! She gets her job back and then some: He makes her manager, just to be let out of those crushing legs! Watch out for those slender ScissorVixens guys, they’ll CRUSH ya every time!

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