SVDL-0267 ‘Designated Scissorer!’ featuring Bella

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As my designated driver, he refused to allow me to have one more drink.  Time for him to get drunk on my designated SCISSORS!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 325 MB

Video Description

Designated driver Kan carries a drunken Bella into her apartment, trying to be a decent guy and getting her home safely. But she wanted more booze and when he refuses to give her any, she turns into a brutal “Designated Scissorer” and unleashes as savage a scissor attack on this poor old man as you’ll ever see!

In a tiny mini, thong and top with high heel shoes, she is the picture of brutal beauty as she devours his skull in her man-eating thighs over and over, utilizing a unique scissors twist: SCISSOR CHOPS!! Saying she’s gonna chop his head off, she lifts one muscular leg high in the air and BLASTS it down onto his head, over and over, very nearly taking his head off! Bella means ‘beautiful’ in Italian and Bella’s scissors are molto Bella!!!!

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