SVDL-0212 ‘Scissor Job Spec.!’ featuring Samantha Grace

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As a lady boss…I like to keep my employees in line…one SCISSSOR at a time!

Video Length : 32 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 335MB

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Samantha Grace is a boss lady with a lot of stress – and a unique way of relieving it: SCISSORS! In “Scissor Job Spec,” she is dressed very sexily in revealing office wear including a mini-skirt, nylons and garter, as she calls her assistant Dennis in to bear the brunt of her rather unusual relaxation technique: Putting him in her muscular young thighs to SQUEEZE him to a groaning mess in all varieties of scissors!

Her calves nearly rip his head off in figure fours and her reverse scissors leave him speechless in her muscular thighs! Then she gets a phone call that due to Dennis’s foul-up, an account has been lost, making her go wild with even more punishing scissors that have him begging for forgiveness! If you have a boss like Samantha, chances are you have a scissor spec in your job description, too!

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