SVDL-0096 ‘Full Scissors By Olivia!’ featuring Choco Ice

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So you wanna list your home by yourself huh?  Well, I’m sure my THIGHS can persuade you to list with Olivia!

Video Length : 32 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 178MB

Video Description

Olivia is a gorgeous real estate agent who hates FSBOs – houses that are For Sale By Owner.

She prefers to get listings herself and if it takes force to do so, she’s ready to rock.

She shows up on this guy’s doorstep, asking him to list with her after she saw his “For Sale By Owner” sign but he is adamantly against agents, calling them bloodsuckers who don’t earn their money.

She angrily tells him that FSBO in her case stands for “Full Scissors By Olivia,” and then launches her solid body on him in as frightening a display of all-out scissor domination as you will EVER see!

Olivia is fury unleashed, devouring his moaning head in scissors with thick, very powerful thighs, laying down absolutely scary full out squeezes that have him SCREAMING for mercy!

She peppers in some nasty ballbusting punches and one crushing kick to the ‘nads with a heavy boot before stripping down for some SERIOUS scissor domination in an all-out scissoring rage!

Her trash talking has to be heard to be believed, dominating him with a verbal tirade laced with ghetto speak that has him as afraid of that as he is of her lethal legs!

Olivia is a non-stop scissoring machine, going all out all the time and making him suffer like he’s never suffered before, those massive black thighs quivering from the strain of crushing the SHIT out of him!

He finally signs a listing agreement after the Full Scissors by Olivia leaves him a beaten man!

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