SVDL-0111 ‘My Fake Scissors!’ featuring Scarlet

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He didn’t believe woman can be professional wrestlers but my 23-inch THIGHS made him think otherwise!

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Scarlet is a wrestler. Kan is a doubting reporter, sent to do a story on female wrestling.

He thinks she’s cute and all but seriously wonders if she has the goods to deliver.

With Scarlet’s 16-inch calves and titanic 23 and 1/2 inch thighs, she’s got the goods – in her astounding legs – to deliver and then some, showing him the ropes of wrestling, Scarlet Scissors Style!

She rips him apart with a devastating array of rib-bending, ear-popping scissors, rippling her sexy, huge thighs into his skull over and over, nearly ripping his head off with her mind-blowing figure fours as that monster of a calf slices into his throat, and completely encases his face in her all-encompassing reverse facescissors,

Her shapely, hard butt just inches from his screaming face. Is Scarlet’s wrestling and her crushing scissors for real? You watch and be the judge!

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