SVDL-0446 ‘Czech Mate Scissors!’ featuring Jenni

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This cheater thought he won our latest chess match claiming ‘check mate’ before declaring victory.  Oh, I’m gonna show him what a real ‘Czech Mate’ is like between my thighs!

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Gorgeous, blonde Czech model Jenni hates losing and accuses her boyfriend of cheating after he calls checkmate during a ‘friendly’ game of chess. So she retaliates by showing him her ‘Czech Mate Scissors’ slowly destroying him in her long, athletic thighs!

Jenni loves torturing her boyfriend between her legs and scissors him relentlessly for 30 agonizing minutes causing him to scream in agony and beg for mercy while stripping down to a pair of sexy, white panties. She squeezes him so hard you can hear him gurgling and fighting to breath and in many instances nearly passing out until the very end when Jenni pulls his head up high and tight in a deadly reverse head scissors and says while slowly knocking him out cold…”This is my Czech Mate Scissors!”.

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