SVDL-1296 Chaos's CRUSHERS! featuring Chaos


SVDL-1296 Chaos’s CRUSHERS! featuring Chaos

I can squat 385 pounds ass to grass!  Let’s see if Drew can handle the POWER of these CRUSHERS!

Video Length : 20 mins. | Video Size : HD (1920×1080) | File Size: 1.4 GB


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When it comes to the intimidating combination of BEAUTY and POWER few can match that of our newest ScissorVixen…Chaos!

We’ve been following Chaos on her social network for quite some time and were immediately impressed with her powerhouse physique and striking beauty!

At only 21 years old it’s hard to believe the amount of muscle and power she’s developed at such a young age!

And even though she has a pretty balanced physique…it’s clear she’s all about her lower body, both legs and booty, and loves to show them off for all of her social media fans!

And when we saw her squatting an amazing 385 pounds on the barbell (NOT the Smith Machine which are ‘sissy squats’ as she puts it!)…we knew we had to get her on ScissorVixens!

We particularly liked one of her posts as she’s standing in front of what appears to be an MMA cage with the caption…”If you don’t terrify people a little bit, then what’s the point!?”.

Well…we totally agree!

The first part of this video we ask her a few questions and that’s when she told us about a new female fitness category named the Wellness category which has a primary focus on the lower body.  Needless to say…we think Chaos is going to do VERY WELL in the Wellness category should she decide to compete on that stage!

After our short interview, it’s on to the good stuff…SKULL CRUSHING scissors administered by the huge, powerhouse thighs of Chaos!

Since this was the first time she has ever tried something like this and was totally new to scissors, we opted to walk her through the various scissor holds throughout the video.

BUT…make no mistake, thighs this POWERFUL don’t need to be precise in applying a scissor hold in order to administer some truly  EYE-POPPING PRESSURE!

In fact…I recall being secured in a figure-4 while on the floor and thought to myself…”Holy shit, this girl is going to break my neck in this one!”.  Then when I reviewed the video…she didn’t even have the figure-4 locked in the traditional way but instead relied on pure calf and thigh muscle to flex around my neck like a boa constrictor!

After we finished showing her the various scissor holds…it was time for Chaos to show off her legs for the camera in a series of incredibly SEXY leg poses which we know you’ll love every bit as well!

We know you are going to LOVE this new, young muscle talent who’s only going to get more lethal at the SQUEEZE GAME the next time around!

Don’t miss Chaos in ‘Chaos’s CRUSHERS!’.

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