SVDL-1402 ‘Cancel This!’ featuring Cay Baby

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This asshole got me canceled because he didn’t like my videos showing girls beating up boys so now it’s time to CANCEL him!

Full HD Video Length : 15 mins. | Video Size : 1920×1080 | File Size: 1.2 GB

3D UHD Video Length : 15 mins. | Video Size : 5760×2880 | File Size: 2.2 GB

Screen Captures Included In Zip File: 125

Video Description

We have a new ScissorVixen we know you are going to LOVE!

At only 18 years old (at the time of this shoot), Cay Baby is as cute as they come but don’t let her ‘girl-next-door’ looks fool you…this young MAN-CRUSHER is full of confidence and attitude!

And why shouldn’t she be with an athletic physique built from years of playing basketball, track and soccer in high-school!

During our shoot with Cay Baby…we were surprised to learn she is the daughter of another popular session girl by the name of Tapered Physique!

So you know Cay Baby is well-trained in the art of CRUSHING IT in the gym and on the mats!

Here is a short excerpt from Cay Baby’s SessionGirls ‘About’ blurb in her own words.

“Hello! My name is Cay Baby but they call me mini beast. I?m here to dominate both women and men. My legs are INSANE and could crush a watermelon. Imagine what they could do to you in a scissor hold!”.

Well, when you watch the kind of DESTRUCTION she administers to her much older victim’s head and body in this video…you’ll know she can back it up and then some!

Like many young girls, Cay Baby loves her social media and in this video…she loves posting videos of her and her friends dominating, beating-up and totally humiliating men, primarily with their POWERFUL THIGHS!

But when an old man comes across her videos, he’s shocked that this young hottie would post this kind of ‘violent’ content on-line

After he reports her videos and has her accounts canceled, Cay is ready to make him pay!

He turns out to be a bit of a stalker as well and finds out where she lives and foolishly…decides to pay her a visit.


Cay Baby is ready to completely DESTROY the old man and after he arrives to her apartment, he tells her she deserves to be canceled but soon it’s the old man who gets CANCELED between her SCISSORS!

Wearing an incredibly sexy blue one-piece thong leotard, Cay puts the old man in a headlock and whips him to the floor and before he has a chance to escape…Cay’s got her CRUSHERS around his neck and the LESSON begins!

One BRUTAL scissor hold after the other as Cay giggles, laughs and taunts the old man and his feeble attempts to survive her leggy onslaught!

She even flicks one finger in his face and twirls her hair while watching him struggle but he is no match for this young, athletic girl!

At one point during the video, he can barely survive 5 seconds in her reverse head scissor (FOR REAL) and we had to stop recording as he says…”I’m think I’m going out!”.

Yes…Cay Baby’s THIGHS are that POWERFUL!

On and on it goes…eye-popping front head scissors, vicious figure-4’s, reverse -head scissors, thigh-snaps and chops and a school-girl pin where she straddles his neck with her full weight resulting in complete humiliation!

In the end she makes him agree to contacting all of her social media platforms to retract his complaints about her content and then really pours on the PRESSURE one last time as he frantically taps-out before she decides to show some mercy!

This is one debut you DO NOT want to miss as Cay Baby proves she’s as DOMINATING as any in ‘Cancel This!’.

Full Description

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