SVDL-0418 ‘All Scissors and No Work!’ featuring Max Makita

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Sometimes my husband doesn’t know how to stop working and have a little fun!  Well, tonight it’s gonna be ‘All Scissors and No Work!’.

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Exotic, dark-haired oriental beauty, Max Makita, is fed up with her husband’s workaholic ways so she decides to try and entice him into having a little fun. While typing away at his computer she walks out of the bathroom wearing an sinfully sexy black leather domination outfit with red boots trying to get his attention. But the dope is too busy trying to finish his work and tells her “Hunny…I told you today is going to be all work and no play!”.  Well…she isn’t going to have any of that and closes his computer shut, hops up on his desk and says “No…it’s not going to be all work and no play…it’s going to be All Scissors and No Work!”.

Watch as Max Makita wraps her powerful, muscular legs around his head and quickly turns his face into a shade of red that nearly matches her leather boots! She firsts works him over on the desk with several punishing scissor holds and then pushes him on the bed where she continues to have her fun. It’s obvious she is getting off on dominating her husband with her lethal thighs by the smirk of satisfaction on her pretty face every time he cries out in agony and pleads for her to stop. But there’s no stopping Max Makita until she’s had her fun and in the end…that’s exactly what she gets!

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