SVDL-0178 ‘Found The Scissors!’ featuring Michelle

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He couldn’t find the scissors and blamed me for losing them so I found a different pair of scissors…my THIGHS!

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Kan is irate, unable to find a single pair of scissors in the house, blasting into the living room to berate lovely Michelle, who’s reading a book.

He rudely blames her for losing everything and insists “I need a scissors!” Wearing a sinfully sexy red dress, she spreads her legs and says “It’s under the couch…have a look.”

Taking the bait, he kneels down and gets his scissors – her legs on his neck!

The scissoring mayhem begins as Michelle’s long, lean, muscular legs put a beating on the moaning man, cracking his windpipe with a choking neckscissors and nearly exploding his skull in all manner of cranium-busting headscissors!

At one point, she nearly knocks him out COLD in a reverse facescissors off the edge of the couch as the totally fucks him up with her legs!

Don’t lose the scissors around Michelle, or she’ll find ’em for you as painfully as possible!

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