SVDL-0093 ‘Best Scissors Trophy!’ featuring Michelle

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He didn’t like my Best Legs trophy replacing his silly wrestling trophy so I decided to show him what my legs could do!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 170MB

Video Description

Jake is about to watch some tube when he sees his girlfriend’s new trophy – for Best Legs that she won in a bar contest.

Outraged because Michelle has replaced his precious wrestling trophy with her new Best Legs trophy, he calls her on it and she proceeds to show him just WHY she’s won best legs, by turning them loose in wild scissors all over his head and body!

The little redhead, gorgeous and athletic, is a lean, mean scissoring machine, wiping the floor with him – and the table, as she starts the scissored destruction in one room and carries it into another.

She moves from scissor to scissor with the grace of the model she is, cracking his neck in throat scissors and about popping his head off with savage reverse facescissors!

She finally gets him to agree to leave her ‘Best Legs’ trophy alone and then tells him she tossed his beloved wrestling trophy in the trash!

If there were a Best Scissors Trophy, Michelle would win, legs down!

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