SVDL-0183 ‘Serious Scissors!’ featuring Alexia

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He didn’t think I was serious about learning how to scissor.  I bet he knows my SCISSORS are serious now!

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In ‘Serious Scissors’, Alexia wants to learn scissoring and bugs a reluctant friend to teach her.

He does, and she straps on a head-swallowing scissors with those firm and fleshy 26-inch thighs and all scissored hell breaks loose!

He teaches her begrudgingly but wants out.

No way, says Alexia, devouring him in an agonizing array of absolutely brutal scissors.

Her 16-inch meaty calves just about bust his nose and smother him out in overwhelming figure fours and her reverse headscissors with her big, hard ass inches from his face, threaten to pop his head like a tick!

Her bodyscissors leave him breathless and he begs for release, but she only squeezes harder, saying she is serious about her scissors and puts him through the leggy wringer non-stop for 30 solid minutes!

Alexia may be a newbie to the squeeze world, but this hot-legged hottie is DEAD serious about scissors!

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