SVDL-0100 ‘Weapons Of Scissored Destruction!’ featuring Sydney Morgan

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I wrote a paper about how DESTRUCTIVE a woman’s thighs can be but my professor didn’t agree…until I proved it on him!

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In “Weapons of Scissored Destruction,” Sydney Morgan is one VERY sexy schoolgirl, the picture of innocence with her pigtails, tiny skirt and kneesocks, who comes to see her professor about a paper she wrote: “A Woman’s Thighs: Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

The professor is aghast over the content of the paper – that a woman’s legs can destroy a man – and fails her, admonishing her for writing such trash.

But the proof is in the scissored pudding and Sydney, pushing her innocence aside, proves to the nasty old professor what she means and launches an all out, savage scissor attack that nearly rips his head off! Her slender but powerful thighs glue firmly to his neck and practically wrench it off his body, and her figure fours are crushers, that kneesocked calf punishing his throat and making it impossible for him to talk!

Her reverse facescissors is devastation personified, her iron thighs rippling into his neck, taking him to the edge of sleep over and over again!

He finally agrees that yes, a woman’s thighs – at least this little schoolgirl-woman – are weapons of scissoring destruction!

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